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agreement terms:

Bonsta Pty Ltd is committed to providing professional and high-quality creative consulting, creative strategy, brand development, graphic design, digital design, photography, illustration, video and film. The following terms set out what you can expect from Bonsta Pty Ltd and your responsibilities when working with Bonsta Pty Ltd. By agreeing to use Bonsta Pty Ltd, you accept the following terms and conditions.

CLIENT responsibilities:

1. The content, presentation, quality and final use of all work submitted and approved by Bonsta Pty Ltd.

2. The decision to implement any creative work suggested by Bonsta Pty Ltd.

3. Originality of all material provided to Bonsta Pty Ltd.

4. Keeping backup copies of all material provided to and by Bonsta Pty Ltd.

5. Providing a functional email address to receive communication and completed work from Bonsta Pty Ltd.

6. Providing final sign-off for work completed by Bonsta Pty Ltd throughout the agreed process. If Bonsta Pty Ltd has not heard from the client within seven days of submitting work, Bonsta Pty Ltd will assume the client has approved the work submitted and Bonsta Pty Ltd shall bear no further responsibility.

7. Paying an agreed deposit to Bonsta Pty Ltd before any work commences and paying ongoing monthly invoices within a 14 day period from date of each invoice (unless Bonsta Pty Ltd has agreed otherwise).

8. Agree to any late payments that become 30 or more days overdue, Bonsta Pty Ltd will charge a late fee of 5.25% per month (as per the ATO benchmark rate). Please note: Any costs associated with recovering outstanding monies, including debt collection agency fees, will also be charged.

9. All legal obligations relating to the product / software. Bonsta Pty Ltd bears no legal responsibilities. 

BONSTA responsibilities:

1. Will take all reasonable steps to ensure all creative work is of high quality.

2. Does not guarantee acceptance of content provided by the client and cannot be held liable for lack of same.

3. Cannot be held responsible for changes made by the client or anyone else and is not responsible for any decisions made by the client.

4. Keeps all client information strictly confidential and retains such information solely for the purposes of carrying out work as commissioned by the client. Clients may request that documents or files be destroyed after a job has been completed. If this instruction is not received, Bonsta Pty Ltd may retain a copy of the client's documents and files for backup purposes only. No information will be passed to third parties, unless at the express request of the client.

5. Bears no responsibility whatsoever for any circumstances beyond Bonsta Pty Ltd's control that prevent Bonsta Pty Ltd from completing the project (e.g. power cuts/black-outs/ corrupt files). In these circumstances, Bonsta Pty Ltd bears sole discretion to award the client a refund of monies paid.

6. Bears no responsibility whatsoever for bugs or file corruptions that cause problems or changes in the work, because these are outside the control of Bonsta Pty Ltd. Bonsta Pty Ltd will assist the client to rectify these problems to the best of its ability.

7. Reserves the right to refuse to quote for or to accept work that Bonsta Pty Ltd deems to be offensive or objectionable, suspects to be plagiarised or considers cannot be completed before the client’s deadline.

8. Bears no responsibility for any errors or omissions arising because the client did not clearly communicate their requirements.

9. Shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the users of this service however these may have been caused.

Contract Termination:

Bonsta Pty Ltd may terminate a project at any time for any reason.

BONSTA fees:

Please click here for our standard rate card*.

* Discounted rates can apply to ongoing project based work


1. Agree to terms of agreement (below). 

2. A deposit is required before the commencement of any work conducted by the team at Bonsta. An invoice will be issued once agreement has been accepted below. 


ONGOING process:

- Revised process plan will be presented to client at each project stage

- We advise ongoing project work includes weekly catchup sessions. Fidelity and Bonsta to conduct these weekly WIPs via phone. 

- Payment terms - Monthly invoices with a 14 day payment term appreciated.


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