Introducing No Vacancy Guide – a global content hub that uncovers clever ways for travel and tourism businesses to stand out from their competiors and attract more customers. 


No Vacancy is a project by BONSTA and in collaboration with a large network of creative and smart people around the world. Working directly with destinations and travel and tourism operators, the team at No Vacancy are able to provide 'real life' practical tips and tools that work.

It’s exciting for us to be able to share our story through the lens of the brand, history and guest experience.
— Camille Chungunco, Vila Santa Teresa, rio de janeiro, Brazil

Guests are immune to traditional marketing techniques and the overuse of technology to reach them. They are searching for stories that are authentic and enhance their customer experience.

No Vacancy is a great project that empowers hotel businesses to escape the traditional ‘think tank’ and build a brand that connects with guests in a language they connect with.
— Vincent Tung Tran - Head of Marketing, Minor Hotels, Vietnam

We even wrote a book about it.


No Vacancy Guide is an essential tool for all hotels and accommodation providers - well done!
— Lynne Mitchell, HUNTER VALLEY ESCAPES, Australia