SMITH's chips



With the rise of the health food movement, people weren’t interested in chips anymore. In fact, people were avoiding the chip isle all together. So much so that Smith’s Thinly Cut Chips were in danger of being taken off the shelves in mainstream supermarkets, Coles and Woolies.

We needed to show people that these chips were okay to eat. You didn’t need to feel guilt eating them because they had 75% less saturated fat. Which meant you could ‘stop the chippy slap’.

Smith’s Thinly Cut chip sales grew nine times faster than the competitor and they remained on the shelves. And all we did was change the advertising. 'Chippy slap' then went on to become a household phrase, landing it in the Urban Dictionary.

Directed by Josh Frizzell.


SMITH'S - "Mr Potato Head"

In Australia, people were walking away from salted snacks in pursuit of something a bit healthier.

That’s why Smith’s Chips created a new type of snack called Smith’s Popped.

Unlike regular chips, these new potato snacks are made in a revolutionary new way where they’re air-popped, not fried – so they contain 50% less saturated fat than regular chips.

To show this, we created a humorous 30-second television commercial that illustrates that even those that might never normally eat potato snacks might give them a go – even Mr. Potato Head

Directed by Josh Frizzell.